We have been developing our consulting activity since 1988. Consolidating day after day thanks to the efforts of staff who form our organization.
Our team is always up to date to provide the utmost rigor and effectiveness.
Services for entrepreneurs, professionals, particular, Business organizations, professionals and other entities.
Direct and CLOSE
Each and every one of the people who come into our offices has secured the commitment, the experience and dedication of our staff.

About us

In GEDOFU We integrate a professional office management needs all you need.

We have been developing our consulting activity since 1988, under the direction of department heads Puskas Sword, Miguel Angel Montesinos, Diego de los Rios, Jose Manuel de los Rios and Cristobal de los Rios. Consolidating day after day thanks to the efforts and good work the best of our value, personnel form our organization and ensures the services we offer.

Our services are aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals, individuals and business organizations, professionals and other entities.

Our services focus on the economic aspects of entrepreneurial business, offering legal solutions to the economic problems of the company, from the commercial perspective, financial and tax, both in the pre-start activity, and in the subsequent development company.

To meet this objective the office is structured in specialized departments themselves.


Experts SME tax planning, advising individuals and businesses to resolve quickly and efficiently doubts and queries.

We perform advice, consultancy, management and processing of all legal and administrative aspects integrated in the broad field of social law.

Bequeath advice is responsible for providing legal information to those who need it for the resolution of issues that have to do with law enforcement, regulations, regulations in any way the law.

Scriptures, business creation, patents and trademarks, grants and subsidies, inheritances, licensing, industry, transport, etc.

Programming for the launch of new businesses and analysis of the economic and financial situation of your company to optimize its management and control.

We carry out all administrative tasks of vehicle and driver.

Processing of residence permits and resolution of any incident in the same.


testimonial-team (Demo)
Estela Rejalaga

For me the service is first class, Excellent, especially for my dear manager Soledad, not only an efficient girl, but good person, with people skills, loving and close…….Sole, thank you very much!!!!!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Rocio Blanco Gómez

Always is my agency and not change!!!! a team of professionals, you solve everything and are very nice, I trust them.


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    Fax: 951 66 78 07


    La Cala de Mijas
    Boulevard Cala
    Centro Comercial la Vega 21, 1ºA
    29649 – Mijas Costa (Málaga)

    Phone: 951 77 50 77


    Fax: 952 49 41 76


    Camino de Coin
    Edif. infused – 29, 1ºA
    29640 – Fuengirola (Málaga)

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