Vehicle area
Vehicle area

Our extensive knowledge in this area and the loyalty of our customers is the best proof of a job well done.

We develop and implement services according to the needs and structures of our clients, maintaining its constant evaluation and improvement. We have an incredible technological base (telematic platform A-9) which it allows us to carry out without delay the Tramitaciones via web directly to the DGT.

We have the A-9 telematics platform that allows us to make the Tramitaciones with immediate effect via the web directly to the DGT.

We enrolled and proceed to the tax bill for each car. Our huge network of collaborating agents allows us to do in Spain, and make the following types of enrollment.

  • Name of carrier.
  • regular registration.
  • Enrollment historic vehicles.
  • New registration request.
  • registration Desk.
Other services

If you bought or sold a vehicle already registered, It is necessary to make the change of ownership of the car in the Land Registry General Directorate of Traffic. further, before acquisition, it is important to request a report online to learn everything about possible limitations, pending charges or taxes you may have the vehicle and thus get full guarantees in undertaking the operation.


We deal with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters change of address of vehicles in the Peninsula, as well as from Canary, Ceuta and melilla.


In the event of theft, loss, deterioration and change in the data of the registration certificate or driving, it is possible to obtain a duplicate, upon request at the Provincial Traffic. further, the issuance of a permit renewal movement where data change (first name, surnames, business name, home…) or change of service or major renovation, also you can handle.


The floor is the process by which the owner of a vehicle informs the Registry of the DGT which removes it from circulation. The requirements to deregister a vehicle are different depending on the type of low to perform pretend. Can be:

  • Temporal: For personal motives, subtraction d evehículo, sale or delivery to a.
  • Definitiva: by transfer of the vehicle to another country (export) or by authorized treatment center (desguace).

We manage the processing discharged from a vehicle that was given temporary decline in their day. In addition when a vehicle is given deregistration in the Register of Vehicles, We enable rehabilitation where the holder or third person attesting enough ownership of this, thus being able to obtain new license or permit movement, except in cases where the vehicle has been delivered to a CAT for scrapping.


In justified cases it is possible to issue temporary permits to the provisional movement of the vehicle, before final registration or while it is being processed. The DGT distinguishes two types:

  • Temporary permits for individuals (Green plate).
  • Temporary permits (Red plate).
  • Driving license renewal.
  • Duplicates permit and driver's licenses.
  • Foreign exchange permits.
  • International Driving Permit.
  • Vehicle reports online.
  • new / used vehicles purchased in U.E.
  • Vehicles purchased in third countries.
  • Vehicles from auctions.
  • Industrial vehicles
  • agricultural vehicles (tractors, harvesters ...)
  • Rematriculaciones.
We have been developing our consulting activity since 1988. Consolidating day after day thanks to the efforts of staff who form our organization.
Our team is always up to date to provide the utmost rigor and effectiveness.
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Each and every one of the people who come into our offices has secured the commitment, the experience and dedication of our staff.
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    Estela Rejalaga

    For me the service is first class, Excellent, especially for my dear manager Soledad, not only an efficient girl, but good person, with people skills, loving and close…….Sole, thank you very much!!!!!

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    Rocio Blanco Gómez

    Always is my agency and not change!!!! a team of professionals, you solve everything and are very nice, I trust them.