Regularization of foreigners is to legalize their status of stay, residence and / or work in Spanish territory. Because of the complexity of the matter and the difficulty in Public Administration, our gestoría offers some specialized services in immigration matters comprising management, transaction, track records, legal advice and defense of their rights.

One of the hallmarks of this department Aliens is the personalized monitoring of each case by our consultants.

Each and every one of the foreigners who come into our offices, if you qualify for your wishes, He has secured the commitment, the experience and dedication of our staff to get.

  • NO
  • hold.
  • Family reunification.
  • EU citizen Family Card.
  • Means.
  • nationality.
  • Permitting of self-employment and paid employment.
  • Residence Permits (transaction, renovations, means).
  • administrative and consular formalities related to foreign.
  • Legalization and translation of official documents in agencies Spain.
Other services
We have been developing our consulting activity since 1988. Consolidating day after day thanks to the efforts of staff who form our organization.
Our team is always up to date to provide the utmost rigor and effectiveness.
Services for entrepreneurs, professionals, particular, Business organizations, professionals and other entities.
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Each and every one of the people who come into our offices has secured the commitment, the experience and dedication of our staff.

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    testimonial-team (Demo)
    Estela Rejalaga

    For me the service is first class, Excellent, especially for my dear manager Soledad, not only an efficient girl, but good person, with people skills, loving and close…….Sole, thank you very much!!!!!

    testimonial-team (Demo)
    Rocio Blanco Gómez

    Always is my agency and not change!!!! a team of professionals, you solve everything and are very nice, I trust them.